O Scale Adjustable Drive Tower September 5, 2015 10:20

O Scale adjustable drive tower replacement is currently being tested on the Red Caboose GP9 Locomotive.  This bolt on replacement tower will replace the Weaver drive towers that utilize a chain drive.

Weaver replacement drive tower

Featuring adjustable height and a ball bearing supported drive shaft, this replacement tower will be perfect for re-gearing your chain drive locomotives. Significant noise reduction and smoother operation can be had with proper chain tension and with the easily accessible height adjustment screw you can ensure your chain drives are always adjusted properly.

The tower is a two piece design with a fiberglass lower section for electrical isolation. This is a critical feature for those of you that have added electrical pickups utilizing the gear case screws. To date 20 and 28 tooth lower gears have been tested successfully and significantly improves low speed operation.

The tower will except bearings for both the stock 3/16" upper drive shaft and the 1/8" replacement shaft as pictures above. The replacement shaft features a threaded end allowing the shaft to be adjusted horizontally, eliminating backlash associated with the stock 3/16" shaft and C clip arrangement.

The kit will be offered in several configurations both with and without the replacement shaft, with and without gears and different bearing sizes.