Tower Kit Test Drive September 12, 2015 18:43

I have completed the assembly and test drive of the new tower kit. The 28 tooth lower gear was a little large resulting in the chain rubbing the frame sides on sharp curves. The 20 tooth gear is a much better fit all around with more chain clearance at the frame sides. Low speed performance is much improved over the stock gear and tower setup.

Drive Components: P&D brass trucks, Protocraft P48 wheels, adjustable height drive tower, 20 tooth lower gear (modified to fit), 8 tooth upper gear, 1/8" ball bearing supported tower shaft, stock plastic drive shaft. NOTE: wobbly plastic drive shaft is not part of my kit, this is stock component that may not wobble on your kit.

Electrical Components: Single cell A123 battery, Pololu adjustable voltage regulator, Pololu simple motor controller, Hobbyking Orange 2.4 ghz R/C receiver.

Since I am forging ahead with dead rail the low speed achieved in the video is a result of a very simple motor controller that does not have most of the modern motor control functions found in today's DCC train controllers. One can imagine much slower low speeds could be had with pulse, frequency, and motor start voltage adjustments available in DCC.

I will be finalizing the kit offerings and prices shortly, stay tuned!

Lower drive tower half    20 tooth gear and lower tower half installed