Flywheel added to the Red Caboose GP9 September 27, 2015 13:54

A little extra space was need between the drive shafts to add a flywheel. Instead of hunting down shorter shafts it is easy enough to remove the spacer between the drive shaft halves. The half's are then reconnected with a 1/8" x .3" section of steel shaft. Enough space was gained to fit in a 1.2" x .75" flywheel made from mild steel.

Trex 550 Helicoptor Frame July 7, 2015 15:16

Take your Trex 550 to the next level!

Machined from 6061 aluminum alloy for incredible rigidity this frame will blow you away... hold on for a crisp, responsive flight experience like you haven't felt before.


Trex 550 frame by FineScale 360