Weaver GP38 Conversion May 30, 2016 11:37

Over on the O Gauge Railroad Forums, Max from Australia has documented a successful conversion of a poorly running Weaver GP38 locomotive to a smooth runner using one of our drive kits.

Weaver GP38 Conversion

Quote from Max...

" All I did was add your adjustable tower to the P&D ball bearing motor and running gear (and trim the shaft).

The slow speed (notch 1) running is superb. "

I love to hear and see results like this! 


Flywheel added to the Red Caboose GP9 September 27, 2015 13:54

A little extra space was need between the drive shafts to add a flywheel. Instead of hunting down shorter shafts it is easy enough to remove the spacer between the drive shaft halves. The half's are then reconnected with a 1/8" x .3" section of steel shaft. Enough space was gained to fit in a 1.2" x .75" flywheel made from mild steel.

Tower Kit Test Drive September 12, 2015 18:43

I have completed the assembly and test drive of the new tower kit. The 28 tooth lower gear was a little large resulting in the chain rubbing the frame sides on sharp curves. The 20 tooth gear is a much better fit all around with more chain clearance at the frame sides. Low speed performance is much improved over the stock gear and tower setup.

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O Scale Adjustable Drive Tower September 5, 2015 10:20

O Scale adjustable drive tower replacement is currently being tested on the Red Caboose GP9 Locomotive.  This bolt on replacement tower will replace the Weaver drive towers that utilize a chain drive.

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