About Us

As a small independently owned machine shop, FineScale 360 was established to bring you unique, high quality products that can't be found elsewhere. All of the products offered are designed, tested and manufactured in the USA.

I first started selling products online in 2012, offering custom products that larger machine shops could not produce at an affordable rate. Recently I started working with 1/4" scale model trains and discovered the need for a metal frame that would fit the Red Caboose GP9 locomotive kit. I initially offered the frames in the Yahoo P48 discussion group. The great success of that initial offering was the inspiration for FineScale 360. I would like to thank everyone that purchased those frames, you help create FineScale 360!

Customer satisfaction is my number one goal.  If you have any questions, suggestions about products, or looking for custom machined parts feel free to contact me. 

Email: kelly@fs360llc.com