K-Frame 550 DTS Zero Flex Frame

$ 94.95

Take your Aling Trex 550 DTS to the Next Level

The K-Frame 550 DTS Zero Flex Frame kit is the ultimate upgrade for your Aling 550e or Trex 600e. Machined from 6061 aluminum alloy for incredible rigidity this light weight, open frame will blow you away... hold on for a crisp, responsive flight experience like you haven't felt before.

The K-Frame 550 DTS Zero Flex Frame is a direct replacement for the stock Trex 550 DTS carbon frames. Trex 600e owners can easily convert their machine to DTS in only a few hours. The K-Frame 550 ZF frame kit will fit the Aling Trex 550 DTS, Hobbyking HK550. Convert your Trex 600e, Hobbyking HK600, 600e clones with the addition of a few 550 parts.

Other features include:

    • Modified servo & battery tray angle for increased battery capacity
    • Accept both 550 and 600e bearing blocks
    • Accepts lower (third) bearing block
    • Easily convert your Trex 600, or Hobbyking HK600 to DTS

    Your Kit Will Include:

      • 1- left side frame
      • 1- right side frame
      • 6 - 3x10mm socket cap screws for the lower mounting blocks

      Whats On the 550 DTS Pictured:

      The prototype K-Frame 550 DTS (pictured) has plenty of room inside the frame for all of your electronic components and a CLEAN wiring setup!

      I choose to mount my my BeastX in the lower tray position with the HV85 speed control on the lower frame spacer. RX and voltage regulator on the upper tray along with a on/off switch for the voltage regulator mounted in the unused servo hole. I prefer to run a Rx battery pack instead of a BEC and that gets mounted under the front battery tray.  MY 10s battery packs fit perfectly on the battery tray.